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Having now spent just over a month in Antigua, this island has grown to be one of our favorites. Perhaps it’s the abundance of picturesque beaches that has caught our fancy, or the great hiking that can be found all over the island. The friendly people that we’ve had the pleasure of interacting with sure hasn’t hurt our opinion of the place. As much as we’ve enjoyed our stay here though, the time has come for us to bid adieu to Antigua, and we’re set to make our way south towards Guadeloupe tomorrow morning.

We think it’s only fitting that we spent one of our final nights here watching the sun set from Shirley Heights, a prime attraction on Sunday evenings in Antigua. Unlike the countless pale-skinned tourists that also attended the festivities, Rebecca and I chose to hike to the top instead of taking a cab. To be honest, we enjoyed the hike as much, or perhaps even more, than the get-together at the top. If it weren’t for visiting with our friends on Earthling when we got there, and being introduced to some other cool people, it would have been a bit anticlimactic. As it stands though, we’re very glad we made the trip up there. It was a fitting send off from such a beautiful place. We’ll miss you Antigua!

Can you pick out ZTC in the above photo?


  1. So, did you hike down, or take a cab?
    And what’s with Rebecca and the logs?

    • We were going to hike down, and actually had flash lights with us. It would have been a bit sketchy, but we would have done it. Our friends however offered for us to jump in their cab so we took advantage of that rather than risking taking a wrong turn off a cliff.

      As for the logs, they were just there. A nice prop for a pic. 🙂

  2. Did you start the hike from Galleon Beach? I see lots more pasty skinned tourists than years ago, when it was mostly yachties and locals, but the view will never change. There was a time before the cruise ships that I’ll cherish forever. Enjoy the big island, Guadalupe.

  3. Hello there, my name is Henry Lundbäck, live in Sweden near Gothenburg. It was a coincidence that I found your website. I was out at the internet and looked for interesting sailing sites.
    You seems to have a very pleasent time over there! Today we have 0 celsius and little snow.
    I´m looking foward to start sail in spring, I have a Bavaria sailing boat.

    Have good time, enjoy life, that you two seems to do!!

    Best regards

    Henry L

    • Hello Henry

      Thanks for posting. We don’t miss that cold weather, that’s for sure! I’m sure spring won’t be too long now though so you’ll no doubt be out sailing on that Bavaria soon!

  4. I would say that ZTC is the cat on the bottom left in that grouping of boats, right above the treeline. 🙂 There is a monohull ketch in the background of the first picture and a cat, not ZTC, near the ketch. I think, I can just make out the second stick of that same ketch in the last picture, so by using positional guesswork, I would say ZTC is most likely the cat right above the treeline. 🙂

  5. Sounds like a great way to say “goodbye” to Antigua. It does look like a beautiful place. I can see why you stayed for a month!

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