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With serious provisioning to do, a road trip was needed and thus ZTC teamed up with the Captain and crew of s/v Top of the World to head to Santiago.

The city of Santiago is the second largest metropolis in the Dominican Republic. As such, rather than just renting a car, we thought it prudent to hire a driver for the day to take us to all of the places that we wanted to go. As it turns out, we feel the 3000 pesos we paid (about $75.00, which we split 4 ways) was well worth it. Kiko, our driver, knew all the good spots, including a wholesale place where we could stock up on multiple cases of beer at a pretty good price. There is no way we would have found all those places on our own. Plus, having a driver, we could chill out and drink cold Presidentes while enjoying the ride in the big van.

When we arrived back to Luperon, knowing full well that it would take us multiple trips in our dinghies to ferry all of our purchases back to our boats, we simply hailed Papo on the VHF and asked him to give us a hand with his big skiff. Papo is “the man” to go to here when you want fuel, water, beer, moorings or whatever. In fact, it was he and his partner Handy Andy who set us up with our driver Kiko. One trip in Papo’s boat and all of our stuff was back on our boats, safely and quickly.

It was good day all around.

Ummm… could you move over please?

Next stop Santiago. If we had gone to the right instead of left,
we would have ended up in Monte Christi.

Ready to do some “power shopping” at La Sirena.
This huge store is a combination of Walmart, Sears and IGA.

Yeah, we got a bunch of stuff. We spent over $6700.00* in this store!

Cold, giant beer in a bag. Can you beat it?

Did we get lost?

Of course, a road trip with giant beers on board had to end with a pit stop.
This was a baño with a view!

*Fortunately that was pesos, not dollars!


  1. Hey guys, DR looks really cool! This is a bit off topic but I wanted to ask you
    about your dinghy. I know you guys bought one while you were cruising. Did you get it titled and registered? Is that even a big deal, or does no one care about that? I ask coz we’re looking at used dinghies and a lot of them don’t have titles. The officials tell you their official shpeal, but I’m wondering how it really is. Thanks!

    • Well, no, we received no title on the used dinghy we bought. I didn’t even know what that was until our Florida friends explained it to us. Our Canadian dinghy was registered back home which is apparently ONLY important in the US. So, THIS NEVER REALLY HAPPENED BUT… when we bought the other one in Florida we just painted the same old Canadian registration number on the new one, knowing that we would be out of the US with a couple of weeks. 🙂

  2. Pete & Suzanne Evans

    Wonderful pics as always! Doesn’t look like Panama. Another great adventure and thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Amazing pics!! thanks for sharing them all with us.

  4. What happened to Bohemia beer? The bags where to hide the fact that you are still tourists? Prices sound great there. You may not see prices that good for awhile. We were in BVI for sailing classes last year and they charged for fresh water at the docks. Are you planning on making Grenada by June 1st? Stay safe!

    • Not sure they had Bohemia at that place. The bags were to keep it chilled I believe. As for Grenada, yes, that is the plan. Not sure if we’ll be there right at June 1st but we’ll be there.

      • When in the BVI, if you don’t want to be charged for water – join Travel Talk Online (type TTOL into Google search). I have just done a search of the boards on the site to try to find a post I saw a couple of weeks ago about members getting discounts at various businesses on the islands but there was one in particular about getting free water at a marina. I will let you know when I find it as it sounds like you might be in the BVI sooner than later (judging from your post about crossing from DR to Puerto Rico. Any chance you will be in the BVI’s when I am there – April 28 – May 26. If so, would love to arrange to go for drinks!

        • I’m not sure about those dates but it would be very cool to meet up. Let’s keep in touch about that.

          Thanks for the tips on the water. Although we have been using our watermaker to get water (Luperon harbor being an exception to that), Free is always good.

  5. M & R,
    If your fridge becomes a hassle, you might want to email these guys. I think they’re based in Ontario. We replaced a unit like your with one of their cold plate kits and although we are not cruising it’s worked like a champ for the last 5 years. The great thing about it is that the cold plate is substantial SS – not something you can puncture and it stays frozen easily for two days without running the compressor. Our compressor runs with water or fan cooling (or both). We met them at the Annapolis boat show and they were great to deal with.


    M & L

  6. I think I forgot to include the link – geezin’ out here

  7. Looks like fun. When you get to the Virgin Islands look for Blackbeards Ale. My Favorite.
    Can’t get it here at home. 🙁

  8. Looks like the good times continue to roll. Mike, where did you get that humongous duffle with the backpack straps? We’ll be heading to the Bahamas in two weeks on my Gemini, and something like that would be great for toting laundry. I’ve searched the net with no luck.


  9. I like it that the bags are too small for the El Presidente’s


    • That is a bit funny I guess. I saw people buying normal sized beers (why, I don’t know) and the bags cover them completely.

  10. Helen A. Spalding

    Love the pics, as usualy, especially the last one! Every outhouse should have such a view! Glad you are still enjoying your travels, and glad you are still sharing them with us! Thanks!

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