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A few pics highlighting the goings on aboard One Love yesterday…

In preparation for our new name being affixed,
Rebecca gave the topsides a quick fresh-water washdown.

The guys from Qualitek were on hand to do the job.

We have learned that the size of the port name is important. The letters must be 4″ tall.

I (One) Love how it turned out!

Below are some pics of the work we did on our watermaker installation yesterday. The job is only about 80% completed so please, reserve any critique until after all of the lines have been properly secured. 🙂

As you can see, we still have work to do!

There was a lot more happening on the boat yesterday too (refrigeration, electronics, etc.). Things are shaping up!


  1. Lovely decal. And a plumber’s nightmare for the water maker. It looks a good job that you are making of it.



  2. I just noticed the sail cover bag…..Looks good….I am assuming you registered the boat in the BVI’s…..Was it easy?

  3. I thought you were going to turn the black stripe red. That would help to bring out the red in the logo.

    • Red needs no help. It is a dominant color to begin with. We experimented with multiple combinations (via photoshop) and we all believe that the one we chose was the best.

  4. Love the logo! Looks like it’s all coming together for you guys…that’s awesome!

  5. Classy decal. Great job!

  6. The lettering and watermaker both look awesome. Do you mind if I ask how you secured the mounting boards for the watermaker to the inside of the hull? The curious want to know.

  7. Looks great guys. Now you can add graphic designer to your resume. I’m definitely interested to hear how the watermaker functions – it looks like they’ve done their homework putting it together and making it affordable to maintain for cruisers. Boy, quite the task pulling all this work together, I’m sure your ready for a few days of rest!

  8. Am I just getting old and senile or did the logo originally have green in it?

  9. Do you have to manually switch the flow of the water, or is there a sensor that does it for you?

    Decal/logo is very cool! Congrats!

    • I don’t know what water flow you’re referring to exactly but there are no sensors so yes, it is manual. That is the way I prefer it. More complexity does not necessarily improve things. It only adds more room for things to screw up.

  10. I find it interesting that they put the logo on before redoing the stripes. I would have thought doing the stripes first would have been easier.

    What made you choose White Bay JVD as the boat’s home port?

  11. Hi Mike,

    Great job on your watermaker installation! It looks very professional and easy to access. Where is the raw water intake located? How difficult was it to do the wiring?

    Logo is also well done. Does Qualitek do work in the BVI’s?

    Thanks Mike.

    • Hi Karl

      I used the starboard pipe berth’s head intake thru-hull to feed the watermaker. I ran all the wires and then had my friend Simon, a marine electrician, do the actual hookup to the gen set.

      As for the logo, I doubt it. I suspect there are several other companies there that could do a similar job though.

  12. So… was the stbd head thru hull redundant because you use a fresh water flush, or are you using the same thru hull for both applications? I will be installing a watermaker also, and I had thought I read somewhere that you shouldn’t share the raw water intake with anything else. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if I can drill less holes in the boat 🙂

    • There was a toilet in the pipe berth (crew quarters) that we removed. It had its own intake through hull and we used it. All of the toilets on One Love are salt water flush, not fresh.

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