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Remember how I posted yesterday that cruisers have short memories? After a full night’s sleep, I have almost already forgotten that crappy passage. The dirty harbor in Chaguaramas and our crazy neighbor with his pack of dogs and annoying parrot have also almost slipped from my mind. I do, however, remember the friendly people in Trinidad, and the good friends that we made there. And I’m sure we’ll always remember the time we spent at Chacachacare Island, a great little spot that is definitely worth visiting. In case you never get the chance to go there yourself, it looks like this…


  1. Incredible! Does not even seem real!

  2. Optimism: It’s intoxicating!

    I find the same effect on road trips. Western Montana: beautiful, very memorable, stunning sun on the mountains. Wisconsin: what a lovely place to camp, friendly people, etc. The 18 hours of straight flat I-90 in between? I know we drove it, but that part’s kind of a blur now.

  3. I feel warmer already. Thanks Mike!

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