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Shoal Survivor

When our PDQ 32 was put up for sale, it was pretty easy for prospective purchasers to visualize what they’d be getting. I had, after all, blogged about every single facet of that boat since the day that we took possession of her. As it so happens, our friend Drew, another avid blogger (who I have linked to dozens of times), and regular contributor to Practical Sailor and other nautical magazines, has just listed his PDQ 32/34 for sale. I’m pretty sure that prospective boat purchasers will be in a similar position with this vessel as Drew, like us, has shared just about every detail of his boat, from how she sails to improvements he has made on her over the years, both big and small.

Here is the listing for his cat, Shoal Survivor. You can find all the details, pricing, and a good number of other pics on that page. By the way, Shoal Survivor is a great name for such a fantastic, shallow-draft vessel. And in case you were curious, not a day goes by that I don’t miss our PDQ 32!


  1. It is nice to know that you miss the original ZTC. Love what you are doing now, but I miss those posts.

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