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Yes, our Seabrake drogue, ordered from Australia on Monday, arrived in our hands yesterday afternoon, only 3 days later. Pretty impressive. I did a quick search and found that the drogue had to travel just under 10,000 miles to get here. At sailboat speed, of approximately 5 miles per hour, that would have taken… a very long time! No one goes sailing because they want to get somewhere quickly.

As crazy as Rebecca is about exercise, she has already started thinking of how this drag device could help to give her a better workout when swimming*. Below is a pic of Rebecca dragging a weighted sled across our lawn, so I’m sure you can get the idea.

*Don’t worry kids, we won’t let her drown. Now if it was me on the other hand…


  1. Hi guys,

    Tanya and I will see you in about four years, I was shocked to here that you two have the same dream as us. We are in the process in procuring a 38 Admiral Executive from Cape Town. We just got back from Jamaica, if I would have know that you guys were in the Caribbean we would have probable gone to a place so we could hook up and share some stories. I’m in Montreal right now, we just did weight-inns. MFL fight tomorrow. Talk soon, jealous and very happy for you two.

    Casper & Tanya

    • Hey Casper

      That is super cool!

      We are not YET in the Caribbean but will be near the end of this year. We for sure need to hook up. If you are around Kingston this spring or early summer give us a shout and we can go out for a sail together!

      Good luck with the fights tomorrow!


      PS: You probably know that Adam’s student Sarah is fighting for the Strikeforce title tonight. Send her good vibes:)

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