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Every charter that Rebecca and I do leaves us with lasting memories. In the case of the Scranton/Wilson/Hall charter, we have dozens of amazing ones that will not leave us!

We had been informed prior to the guests’ arrival that a special event was to take place during the trip, a wedding proposal. Rebecca and I feel very honored that we were included in this special event. And yes, she said yes!

These four guests were up for almost anything and we did our best to fill the days and nights with fun activities. Let the pics below be evidence of that!


  1. Hi. I wanted to send you a message but I don’t see a contact us button. As a Canadian who has just purchased a boat to do similar to what you’re doing (liveaboard with some charters that we captain and crew) I wanted to ask some basic things about boat registration (did you register it as a Canadian boat, as a pleasure craft or commercial?) and about whether you required any specific credentials to be able to do this in the BVI. Please email me when you get a chance. Thanks so much. Tracy

    • Hi Tracy. The legal aspect is not my forte. As you likely know, One Love is not our boat. I suggest you employ a lawyer familiar with the business, that’s what we did.

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