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For some reason, even though we received it back in January, I neglected to share this extremely nice recommendation that we received from the guests that we had sailing with us over Christmas, Michael and Rhonda Ross. Perhaps it was because we left for Trinidad around the time that it came in, and then we got caught up in the whole boatyard, Galapagos thing. Anyway, since we just finished up another excellent week with guests on board, I was reminded of just how much we enjoy sharing this experience with others, and making friends in the process!

It has been almost a month to the day when we first stepped aboard Frost, we still talk about our time on the boat and with you. The Island of Grenada was an amazing place to explore and having you two show us around made it even more spectacular. Especially since the adventures felt like 4 friends out exploring the island. Rhonda and I learned so much from both of you and our knowledge of sailing and cruising has definitely helped us on our own sailboat. The sailing was fun, the snorkeling was amazing, the food was to die for and the friendship will last a lifetime. I would recommend sailing with these two to anyone. — Michael Ross


  1. very nice Rebecca and Michael

  2. What a tribute!

  3. Hip, hip,horay

  4. But bring them lots of money!

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