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Yes, that’s “sewing the bucket” folks, not “kicking the bucket!” Encouraged by Drew’s comment on my sail repair post, I have decided to tackle the creation of a canvas bucket for Katana. The plans for the project, which can be found in the Pardey’s book The Cost Conscious Cruiser, will test both my splicing and sewing abilities. 🙂

I went shopping for a bit of line for the handles on Sunday, and dropped by Braithwaite Upholstery yesterday to pick up the required Sunbrella fabric. When I told Barry (Braithwaite) what I intended to do he offered to sew it for me. After I told him the whole idea was for me to practice my sewing he chuckled and sent me on my way with the fabric, free of charge!

Step 1: making a rope grommet which will be the “mouth” of the bucket. Ignore the helmet in the background… I have a habit of hitting my head on occasion. 🙂

More to come!