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Volleyball is serious business here in Georgetown, with games played daily. The other day we were invited to play with the big kids in a couple of games of 4 on 4. Understandably, we didn’t get invited back the next day. 😉


  1. Looks like fun! We really love volleyball, but loving it doesn’t mean we’re any good at it! In fact, I’m especially bad. Let me serve, but that’s about it. Not a bad place to stay while waiting for charts, eh?

  2. Not sure what type of shot you are playing:

    DIG – Passing a spiked or rapidly hit ball. Slang for the art of passing an attacked ball close to the floor.

    DINK – A legal push of the ball around or over blockers.

  3. …because you were too good or too bad? 🙂

  4. Back to “fun” volleyball for you, then. I loved playing VB in Georgetown, getting into the be competitive, but have outrageous fun vibe. Some of the teams seemed to try to hit it as many times as possible before sending the ball back to the other side.

    Fair Winds,

  5. Looks as though you had a great time! Who was taking the pictures while you guys were playing?

  6. andy & sonja cru-zinacatamaran - Reply

    so what was the final score ? you win the beers or you had to pay out for the winners lol

  7. I remember when I played volleyball as an adult and the game had to stop when I broke a nail. (NOW – in all fairness it WAS an acrylic nail and it was very painful – but… still) I am sure that was not your problem!

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