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The view from the Secret Harbor Marina pool area, Frost in the background.

Once per month here in Grenada, cruisers have the opportunity to try to lighten their boats by selling off surplus gear at a yard sale of sorts. Referred to as a Boat Jumble, the event is hosted by Secret Harbor Marina, and this season has been held up the hill at their recently-renovated pool area. While it’s a bit of a chore lugging stuff up the big hill, the venue couldn’t be more beautiful, and we’re very fortunate to have the spot to use. Lately we have been amongst the cruisers who set up a table, and while the purpose of the event is definitely business, for us the morning turns out to be quite a social event, and we always have an enjoyable time.

Selling stuff to cruisers is tough!

As it turns out though, cruisers are amongst the worst people to try to sell things to, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they (we!) are notoriously frugal, and are always looking to purchase things as cheaply as possible. Secondly, the smart ones, at least, are militant when it comes to adding things to the boat. Most follow the doctrine that if you bring something on board, a corresponding item needs to go. The exception to this would be parts and spares, because as we all know, things break on a regular basis, and being prepared for that eventuality is the only prudent thing to do.


As we try to price our unneeded items attractively, I ponder the true cost of our stuff. There are some things, purchased initially at a good price, and then used extensively throughout the years, we have most definitely gotten our money’s worth out of. There are others though that have definitely not been good investments! Such is life.


Working to keep balance in the work to play ratio, after the Boat Jumble we socialized with some friends at the pool, and then later in the day, made our way to Hog Island to check out the Sunday party at Roger’s Beach Bar.


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  1. Ironic–they should need the same sort of stuff–but obvious at the same time.

    I live in a house and don’t want anymore “stuff.” Of course, true boat stuff is generally an exception, but only if it’s free.

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