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Rest assured dear readers that Zero To Cruising will not be turning into a cooking blog. Neither Rebecca nor I have much interest in spending time in the galley. We do enjoy eating though and were recently inspired by one of the comments on our blog (thanks for the suggestion, Geoff) to try to make some Ceviche out of our recently acquired Mackerel.

If you think this dish looks a lot like the conch salad that I posted about before, you’re right. Substitute conch for fish and you pretty much have a form of ceviche.

For those who would rather look at some more beautiful island photos instead of plates of food, I uploaded not one but two new galleries of pics (another 200+ shots) from our recent trip to Barbuda. Enjoy!


  1. Looks great. What are the ingredients?

    • Marinate the fish in lime juice, salt, hot peppers and garlic. We did that for 4 hours (in the fridge).

      Slice up some onions and let that soak in some warm salted water for 10 minutes.

      When the fish is done marinating, rinse it.

      We then combined it with cucumbers, carrots, green peppers and the onion. Add a little bit of lime juice and some olive oil and salt/pepper.

      Chill for 30 minutes. Enjoy!

  2. Nice to get a sense of what food on board is all about for those of us who are seriously challenged in the kitchen/galley! This looks quite tasty! And agreed…who wants to spend time in the galley with so much else to see and do!

  3. I’m so glad you guys gave the ceviche a try. It really is one of my favorite ways to eat Spanish Mackerel. It’s also great w/ Mahi and Grouper!

  4. I have been totally interested in what you do in the galley. I know a while ago you were excited to get canned mushrooms and I almost made a comment but I feared by inability to articulate would make it sound bad. I had no idea what you would make that would excite anyone to use canned mushrooms.

  5. Nothing wrong with a food post every once in a while, Mike! Looks good, and healthy to boot.

  6. If I remember, St. Johns had a great Farmers market.

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