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Well, we finally broke down and did it, we ordered a new point-and-shoot waterRESISTANT camera. As much as we love our Canon PowerShot D10, because it has allowed us to take underwater photos like this…

and underwater videos like this…

…we fear it has lost its “waterproofness.” I contemplated purchasing the exact model again, and then taking better care of it this time around, but as far as cameras go, it’s pretty old technology. I don’t know why Canon hasn’t upgraded it!

After much debate, the camera we chose to replace it with is the Nikon COOLPIX AW100. One of the important features that this camera offers, aside from the cool orange color 🙂 is that it shoots HD video in full 1080P, the same as our GoPro HD Hero 2.

And speaking of the GoPro, we also ordered the brand new Dive Housing for it. This relatively-inexpensive add-on apparently fixes the issues that this cool little camera has with underwater pics and videos.

I hope that, armed with these two new tools, we should now be all set to offer up even better visual content on our blog.

Edit May 25, 2012: Apparently Canon has updated the D10. Behold the recently released Canon PowerShot D20. Had I known about this camera I might have ordered it instead.


  1. Good choice with the Nikon………I love my Go Pro as well as an accessory camera……I will say that the Cannon served you and your readers well over the years. Look forward to your continued photography and MORE videos

  2. I wouldn’t go with the Nikon.. the Panasonic has gotten much better reviews.. for probably the same price.

    check it out:

    reviews on some here:

    • Notice that I said I ALREADY ORERED IT! Additionally, it has already shipped.

      I also tested (that means purchased and then later returned) a Panasonic camera and was personally less than impressed with the photo quality. After returning it I purchased the Canon. This is all documented on our blog, including I believe the crappy service I got at the store back in Kingston.

  3. I am glad I have you as my gear testing guinea pig. Will make it much easier when we’re ready to stock up on toys.
    So my question is… what video editing software do you use and how easy is it to use? I am embarrassed to say that even though I make TV shows for a living, I have NO idea how to edit home video and I have never even tried. 🙂

    • I am happy to serve!

      For video, we use iMovie. Our friends who make more sophisticated stuff use Final Cut. The learning curve on iMovie is short whereas with Final Cut, I have heard it is substantially longer.

    • Cindy…I Movie is the easiest and first step to your movie making if you have Apple. I bought Apple just for I Movie….Final cut is a professional program and runs about $900.00 to $1,000.00 and is more than what MOST (I did not say all) people would want to use and learn….I Movie is a great program to give you a good quality movie. Most of it is in the pictures and video you take which will then translate into the movie….Good luck

  4. I am interested in how the two compare. I am now looking at the Canon D20 v. GoPro Hero2 v. Lumix TS4. I am looking forward to your shots!

    • I can’t believe I didn’t know about the Canon D20!!! Given my love for the D10 I might have ordered that. 🙁

      Don’t confuse the GoPro with any of these other cameras though. It is a different animal altogether. If you need a camera, buy the Canon or Lumix or whatever. If you want ANOTHER tool, the GoPro is pretty cool.

  5. Hi Guys, Does this new housing eliminate the issue of distortion under water?, I hear its an issue without the housing?

  6. Hey guys,

    I’ve been using (and abusing) my Canon D10 for 2 years now. Were there any warning sounds about losing its waterproofness (other than finding water inside)? I have noticed that mine gets foggy on the back screen which shows up in some of my pictures (so it must get fog internally too) after taking underwater pictures and then exposing it to hot sun right after. It goes away after a few minutes but I have to keep the camera shaded.

    Are you also letting it soak in fresh water for an hour after saltwater use? Although I’m very meticulous about soaking it, the metal parts of my removable wrist strap are frozen. I’m just wondering if not soaking it had any effect on the waterproofness.

    Thanks for the heads up on the D20! 😉

  7. *signs. Not sounds. Although if there were any warning sounds, I’d be interested in knowing about them too. 😉

    • No signs other than the fogging that you mentioned. To me that was serious!

      We did not ever soak the camera (need to RTFM) but will be taking better care of our new one. FYI, I am returning the Nikon and buying the D20.

  8. I’ve owned and used cameras from Pentax, Nikon, and Olympus. My current camera is an Olympus Tough series and is about the same specs as the Canon D20. My next camera is going to be the Nikon AW100.

    I’ve actually done some serious abuse to the Olympus cameras, including not following up with rinsing them in fresh water after every use, and they’ve stood up to it quite well.

    One of the Nikons I use is an old ActionTouch, which is a quarter-century old film point-and-shoot. It is still going, though the flash on it has quit….that says something about the durability of Nikons IMHO.


    I don’t see any point in getting the Canon D20—especially as the Nikon AW100 is less money and higher resolution with the other features being much the same. Amazon had the D20 for $309 and the AW100 for $269 or so last I checked.


    If you’re getting fogging inside the camera then moisture is getting in somehow. I’d recommend trying to find out how it is getting in.

    I’d also recommend taking the camera and opening it up and putting in a ziploc baggy with some uncooked dried rice and sealing the bag and letting it sit in the sun for an afternoon so that the rice, sun and heat can help draw whatever moisture is inside the camera out.

    • You may be right Daniel but the Canon is a proven entity for me (at least the D10 is). It just keeps on ticking! The difference in money is negligible when compared to the hassle factor of getting the right camera (for us) into my hands.

      As for the rice suggestion, I agree. That is a good idea.

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