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Smack dab in the middle of our boat projects yesterday we had our arms twisted into going sailing on our friends’ boat. We had already shelved our plans on taking Katana out as the weather had squall warnings in effect. But on someone else’s boat, sure, why not. Thanks Patti and Paul! We had a great time, both on the boat, and at dinner after. By the way, although we went to the trouble of putting a double reef in the main when it looked like we were going to get hit, the strong winds did not materialize. We did get a bit wet though.

Today Rebecca and I went for a long walk in the nearby park. Collin’s Bay Marina couldn’t be located in a better spot!


  1. Jealous!

    Friday the boat comes out of the water for two weeks and we are going sailing for the weekend the day after it goes back in the water if all goes well.

  2. Looks like ya’ll had a great time. Our sailboat is “on the hard” getting ready for a new paint job. We can’t wait to get her back in the water!

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