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Why no blog post yesterday? Because we were sailing. That’s a good enough reason, isn’t it? On Wednesday at 11:00 AM we welcomed aboard a couple of new friends who were eager to sail with us, and find out what the cruising lifestyle is all about. Almost immediately Steve and Darla got a real taste for it. Having arrived a bit early, they were able to witness me struggling to install our new windlass solenoid. Once that job was completed, thanks to our friend Simon (it’s good to be able to phone a friend), and we cast off from the dock at Port Louis Marina, we went for a little sail.

Lesson number two came shortly thereafter when as were were preparing to moor for the night, we were unable to fully furl our headsail. After dropping the sail on deck and tying up to a nearby mooring ball, we were able to sort the mess out. It was a good lesson though!

After a rolly night on a ball outside the snorkel park, Rebecca and I were more than ready for a drama-free day, and happily, Mother Nature provided one. Beating with genoa and mizzen, we had a great sail to Carriacou. If only every day could be as pleasant as that!


  1. Hi Mike, What were the symptoms that lead to replacing the windlass solenoid ? Is it in the V berth or in the forward locker ? Mine sometimes does not work from either the helm or windless switches and I have to hand c rank. Best Regards, Ross (stuck in NYC)(COLD)

    • It is in the V berth. The old solenoid, now replaced, would simply not work. When we pushed the button on the windlass nothing would happen. If I rapped on the side of the solenoid a few times with the end of a screwdriver it would start working again. Seemingly, the little plunger inside was getting stuck and tapping freed it up again. I ultimately took it apart and confirmed this.

  2. Check out cream They have an Amel. I have not read much of the blog but thought you might be interested.

  3. Great pictures! Thanks for the video!

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