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Having a bunch of safety equipment on board is great but only if the stuff works when you need it to. I wrote about testing our Mustang hydrostatic inflatable life vests to make sure that they are without leaks. We are actually overdue to complete that process again. Just yesterday, during a bout of construction-inspired cleaning, I decided to test our EPIRB. I knew the battery was in date because we had it professionally replaced when we purchased it. Like the life vests though, it still should be tested on a regular basis. I am happy to report that all appeared well – the device made the required beeps and flashes.

Do you have an EPIRB on board? Do you know when the battery expires? When was the last time you tested it?


  1. Great idea. Just tested ours. Also showed the kids how to use id.

    We are good to go!

  2. Does it automatically disconnect itself from where its attached and send an SOS or do you have to unstrap it and manually initiated the SOS?

  3. Just another thing on my list….lol….The list does not stop, but no price on safety

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  5. Thanks for the kick in the rear! We have lived aboard for 18 months and because of this post, I dug out the EPIRB manual, checked the battery, and performed the test (which the manual says we should have been doing MONTHLY, so now it’s on our calendar).

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