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When you have a guest who is as enamored with rum as much as ours is (Carl routinely writes about drinking rum in tropical location on his blog Coastlines and Tanlines), visiting the island distilleries is more a requirement than an option. For this reason, we’ll be setting out this morning to spend Carl’s last full day here on a mini island tour. There are three main distilleries here in Grenada: Westerhall, Clark’s Court and River Antoine Estate. With the help of Shademan, one of the entrepreneurial local drivers, we hope to get to all three. I’ll leave the taste testing to Carl though… drinking straight rum before noon is not typically something my body easily accepts.

Answer to yesterday’s question:

DR = Dead reckoning. A method for determining position based solely upon the distance travelled and course steered.

EP = Estimated Position. In theory a more accurate method for determining position because the added effects of leeway (slipping sideways) and tide are taken into account.

Today’s question:

What is a transit?


  1. I get up extra early today, get my coffee, sign onto Zero To Cruising and what, “no chicks”……….

  2. Yes, Carl can be a bad influence when it comes to drinking rum, but we travel writers like to call it “research” instead of “having a problem”. Whatever works for you right?!


  3. Transit is the passage of a body across a meridian

  4. I’m stumped on something funny for Transit. However, love your blog. Love your pics and adventures, and your vast sailing knowledge (snicker), no seriously, I have learned a tip or two from y’all.

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