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One of the useful knots that we have learned along the way is the Rolling Hitch. We were first shown this by Captain Dave on our Fast Track to Cruising Course last December. One of the uses I have found for it is taking the tension off the headsail halyard which, when tight, blocks the opening of the nice cabin-top hatch in our salon. Lots of airflow is good!

Here the blue rope is taking the tension on the halyard, allowing me to ease one side of it and open the hatch. Ideally the rolling hitch should be tied with a rope of smaller diameter than the one it is secured to. This piece of climbing rope is just a scrap I had on hand.

Interested in learning about tying various knots and their uses? In addition consulting any of the numerous books that are available on the subject (we like this one) you have to check out Animated Knots by Grog. This is a truly awesome site!

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