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Exactly six months ago today, I wrote a post lamenting about the sad state of the dry bags that we had purchased over the years. I was specifically looking for suggestions for a waterproof case for our new iPad mini. Now able to take advantage of the big block stores here in mainland USA, we finally made a decision and purchased a Lifeproof case for each of our devices (since that original post Rebecca also purchased an iPad mini). While I have not submerged the iPad to test the case’s functionality, we were advised to soak the case for 30 minutes before putting the iPad into it. The protective case seemed to fare well on that test so I am confident it will be able to deal with the odd sea water splash once we’re back on the boat.

The iPads have been a great tool for us and yesterday we really put mine through the paces, using it as a GPS map tool to direct us from Loveland to Boulder to Denver and back. Rebecca and I had a number of errands to run, including visiting the Apple store to get my laptop repaired and also shopping for some boat gear at REI. This was our first time driving the Corvette which will be our transport to and from California. As you may imagine, it’s a pretty sweet ride!

Note the heads up display. Pretty cool!


  1. From the Caribbean to the mountains of Colorado. THEN in a Vet! Somebody’s living life well these days!!! Be safe driving to Cali!

  2. Its so much fun following your adventures. In case you didn’t know it, many states have laws against Texting while driving, I’d bet they’d bust you for taking pics with an Ipad too! lol

    • The pics were taken with a camera, not an iPad. Pretty sure there’s no law against that (yet).

      • In the USofA……..if you are Driving with a ‘Device’ in your Hand…..Watch Out….All States are Money Hungry…….. And ANYTHING they can Ticket you for’ My Friend’…….They Will….And a ‘ Safety Yellow ‘Vette………More than Doubles you Chance to ‘Win The Lotto’……….
        Thats…..’Lotto Fines’…….From one who’s ‘Been There……Done It’
        Drive safe and Never EVER drive even 1 mile an Hour over the Speed Limit in a Yellow ‘Vette…….just sayin’……….jmg from Montana and St.Croix

  3. I see the Vet has the heads up display. That has to be pretty cool. Make you feel like a fighter pilot?

  4. And never Hold up a Picture Phone if you Do Get STOPPED…….You would be safer nowdays holding up a gun……..Law in USof A are very paranoid around People with Cameras……Truth Speaks Here…..Safe Travels….See You Back in The BVI’s

  5. The bright yellow vet……. is definitely eye candy and easily zero’d in on. Be more concerned about your right foot pressure than anything else. Last time I drove a vet I knew it’s just a folly, nothing I’d really be interested in. Although, you guys are going to make quite a picture cruising through the mountains…..have a blast!

  6. How do you find the case for the iPad? Does it add a lot of weight to it? Is the use of the screen compromised in any way?

    I just tried a different case, I can’t recall the brand, but it added a LOT of weight and the corners of the screen were difficult to use as the protective cover did not connect there unless I really pushed down. As I use my iPad almost exclusively for work, and use the entire screen with the program I use, I found it awkward and far too heavy to be holding for the better part of 12 hours. I returned it today and am now thinking of the Lifeproof so am very interested to hear your opinion.

    • Does it add some weight to it? Yes. Is that bad? I don’t think so. If it’s an issue, I can recommend some exercises. 😉

      It does not compromised the screen except that occasionally you need to press a bit harder.

  7. There are some videos out there showing people taking in underwater in the pool and such. I would love to be able to use it while snorkeling. Do they guarantee their product works and wonder if they would pay to replace if it fails?

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