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I haven’t posted much lately about what we feel makes Dominica so special. These images might help to convey our thoughts on the matter. They were taken the other day when we retraced our steps on a hike that we did last year. Unfortunately, our Earthling friends have moved on and thus weren’t here to join us this time around. Oh well, we had fun anyway!


  1. Looks like Paradise! Great views and gorgeous landscape! What is that huge red flower?! It’s amazing!

  2. I know this has nothing to do with the post, but off of the beautiful pictures…..Enter Rebecca in the “Miss World Fitness Competition” and she will get endorsements galore and you will have your kitty to cruise…..I have never seen any woman so ripped….Your not bad either Mike! lol

  3. Just looks AWESOME!

  4. Enjoy your site and envy your current situation, question though. How do you deal with security and safety on all your hiking endeavors? On various trips we have taken (tourist, yes) we have been repeatedly warned in different situations.

  5. Sorry, yes thieves. Or is that a misconception that many people have from the small slice of the tropics they see while on vacations.

    • Well, we do hear/read of stuff happening, but fortunately, up to this point, we have been spared. We tend to largely hike off the beaten track and if I were a thief, I think i’d be hanging out where the rich tourists frequent, not hiding in the jungle hoping that some hiker might pass by.

  6. We chartered there several years ago and the charter company said several boats had been robbed and to hire locals to watch the boat. They had quite a little enterprize drinking beer and sitting on the shore with binoculars watching charter and other boats! We went from Guadaloupe to Marie Galante to Dominica to Les saintes and back to Guadaloupe. The perfect bareboat getaway…

    • Things have changed a LOT in Dominica in the past few years, all for the better. I haven’t heard of a theft here in Portsmouth in ages. They have a security boat which patrols the anchorage each night, a pretty big deterrent.

  7. Awesome tree roots that RS is leaning on. A cropped close up would make an interesting poster.

    What about water critters? Do the guide books have warnings about nasty critters lurking beneath the surface? I have a phobia about skinny dipping in waters like that and having body parts mistaken for something to be chomped upon.

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