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About a week or so ago, Mike mentioned to me that we need to set ourselves some goals. This got me thinking. While I set many fitness goals for myself, it has been quite some time since I have made other objectives.

Since that day, I have felt motivated to make some plans. I, like many others, need to have something to work towards. I have found with fitness, giving myself goals to aim for keeps me inspired although I don’t really ever find it difficult to push myself to workout.

There is, however, more to life than fitness. Did I just say that? So, what do I want to drive towards? Well, for starters, this blog. I am ready to resurrect it with posts on some of my thoughts, provide workouts to those looking for inspiration, and to give tips and information on health and fitness. Ok, so I realize this is still fitness related. lol!

My StrengthPLUS Facebook page is building (a little slow but it’s getting there) and I aim to continue posting on there as frequently as I can. Internet can be a challenge sometimes and the charter season will be keeping me somewhat busy over the next 8 months, but I will do my best to keep posting.

So, there you have it. I have a goal: To make a weekly post on this blog with the intent of having 10 new posts by the end of the year. I’ll be putting more thought into additional plans that don’t revolve around fitness but in the meantime, I’ll work on blogging about what I love!

What goals have you set for yourself lately?

Here’s a few tips on setting goals:

  1. Allow yourself to dream. Spend some time by yourself and let your mind wander. I find listening to music helps.
  2. Write your goals down. No matter how crazy they may seem, make a list.
  3. Prioritize. Place a number from 1-10 beside each one where 10 is the most motivating meaning that is one that you would really like to achieve.
  4. Choose the top 3. From your list, choose the 3 highest rated goals and then choose which one is number 1.
  5. Make deadlines. Be specific as to when you want to achieve your goals by.
  6. Define an action plan. How are you going to achieve your goals? Start at the end and work backwards.
  7. Begin working towards your first goal. TODAY! Get rid of any negative thoughts, believe that you can do it because you CAN!

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