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internal clocks

Aside from reconnecting with our family, and trying to reset our internal clocks to California time (afternoon siestas rock!), we didn’t accomplish a ton yesterday, at least not on the new adventure front. We did start unboxing some of the presents that we had waiting for us, the largest of which was the collection of custom bikepacking bags that we had made by Rogue Panda.

internal clocks

These look as good as we had hoped.

We also made contact with Daniel from Tumbleweed, and started plotting our trip north to connect with him, and retrieve our bikes. We’ve got a lot to accomplish here, but we’re going to do our best to enjoy the process. After all, it’s been far too long since we’ve been able to spend any time with these smiling faces!

Today’s mission: track down the nearest REI.


  1. enjoy time with your family. I can’t wait to read about your biking adventures. All the best on your new adventure!

  2. The Rancho Cucamonga store is pretty good, if I remember right. And it’s close to a Bass Pro Shop, which is an outdoor-sport superstore. Not to mention some great restaurants and shops at Victoria Garden mall.

    • Hi Jeff

      The REI app on my phone told me that one is the closest to us, and our daughter confirmed that it’s right by a Bass Pro. Win Win.

  3. Glad you are settling in well.

    My lovely wife set a 6 month limit on adventure travel. After that the grandkids grow too much. I bet you can understand where she’s coming from.

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