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It was back in February that we first crossed paths with Paul and Sheryl from s/v Distant Shores. For those who aren’t familiar with these two, they have been cruising for quite some time and now produce a very popular TV series. Last night, just after sunset, Rebecca and I grabbed one of the DVDs that they gifted to us and popped it into our laptop. We were rewarded with some amazing visuals from the Bahamas that brought fond memories pouring back. We had a great time cruising in those waters and if they weren’t so damn far west, we’d almost certainly go back for another visit!

No matter what anyone says, the crystal clear waters of the Bamahas are not duplicated anywhere in the eastern Caribbean. In addition to the great footage on the DVD that made us regret missing some of the special spots that they featured, I was super impressed with how much detail they went into concerning reading water depths in those notoriously shallow waters. For the record, I made a post on that same subject but the DVD we watched titled Cruising with the Shards goes into infinitely more detail. Good job, guys! I would highly recommend that video for anyone heading to the Bahamas, not only for inspiration but also because of how informative it is.

Learn to read the water, or else! 🙂

By the way, Distant Shores recently set up an affiliate program so if you do decide to invest in any of their products, they’ll be throwing a few doubloons our way! Cool, eh?


  1. Hi Mike & Rebecca,

    Glad you enjoyed the DVD! As you say the Bahamas are a great favourite and I wish we were visiting there this year!

    We also made a number of Distant Shores TV shows about cruising in the Bahamas, from the Outislands (Mayaguana, Crooked Acklins, Ragged and Jumentos) the Exumas of course, plus Eleuthera and Abacos.


    Paul & Sheryl
    SV Distant Shores II – St Martin

  2. Hey Mike, can you, when you insert links to past posts, make the link open in another window?
    I can do it myself, right click etc, but I’m a lazy American consumer that wants it his way… Burger King… remember the old ad song?

    Really enjoying the blog, Sail on Brotha!

    • I COULD but I prefer not to. I make all links which lead away from the site open in new windows but internal links (ZTC links) open into the same window. Of course, you can always use the back button to return to where you were. Sorry.

  3. In your past post a guy asked about polarized sunglasses. Did you ever try some and if so how were they?

    • Yes, we do prefer to use polarized sunglasses, when we have a pair that’s not broken. That’s a sore subject right now… fodder for a future post, no doubt. 🙂

  4. I have watched all their videos and among the quality being excellent, they have provided a landscape for cruising the Bahamas to make first on my bucket list…..

  5. Now that I am all caught up on your adventure from the beginning … waiting on the new updates is just killing me … Our ASA 101 class starts Friday 🙂

  6. The Bahamas waters were great, but I have to take issue with your assertion that nothing compares in the Eastern Caribbean. The islands in the Grenadines most definitely give the Bahamas a run for their money, plus you don’t have to really deal with tides. They have friendly islanders, are a little cheaper than the Bahamas, are warmer in the winter, and close to Trinidad if you need to make an escape from hurricanes in the summer.

    • The Grenadines are beautiful, no question, but I maintain my assertion that the water/beaches still do not compare. Close, but not quite. 🙂

      As for all of the other things, I definitely agree.

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