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Last night we were invited to dinner with some of our friend Michael’s friends. Both the host couple, George and Audrey, and the other guests, Mikey and Sue, have previous chartering experience and they were eager to talk about our new endeavor. Audrey in particular was quite interested to hear about traveling a portion of the ICW and/or sailing in the Chesapeake bay. Our discussions with her reminded the two of us of how much we enjoyed that leg of our trip, and all of the special spots that we had the opportunity to visit.

Coincidentally, I just received in the mail two more complimentary DVD sets from Distant Shores and although we have yet to watch all of them, I noted that several of the episodes deal with Paul and Sheryl’s travels through that specific neck of the woods. Just as it’s fun to read a book or watch a program about an area that we intend to visit, I find it equally enjoyable to read or watch about areas that we have already travelled. For example, although we did not yet watch the Distant Shores episodes about the United States East Coast*, we did share with our friends their shows about Montserrat and Guadeloupe, two islands that are still fresh in our minds. It was fun to be able to say “we’ve been there” and “yes, we saw that” several times during the programs.

Huge thanks to George and Audrey for their hospitality, and to Michael for bringing us along. The dinner, the venue and the company was great.

ZTC sailing in the Chesapeake Bay. Photo taken
by our friends Kirk and Donna who are from that area.

*All of the episodes that are mentioned in this post are on Distant Shores Season Six DVD set.

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