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What better way to spend a cold(ish) and dreary morning than by doing paperwork. Yes, we have been procrastinating a bit on this but only because there are so many more fun things to do! The volume of forms that we need to complete before going cruising seems immense.

  • Application for Registry form – to register name
  • Declaration of Ownership forms (needs to be notarized!) – also to register name
  • Appointment of Authorized Representative form – yes, you got it… also to register name
  • Dinghy license forms – yes, we hear IT needs to be licensed too!
  • Maritime Mobile Radio Station license forms – of course
  • MMSI number application forms – for DSC radio
  • Cruising decal forms (don’t have this one yet) – to cruise in the US

We still need to sort out the issue of the tonnage survey for our registration. I have a couple of emails out looking for assistance/clarification. Hopefully we get some good news saying that we can somehow get around that requirement.


  1. ahhh… the cruising lifestyle! It’s what we do to escape the hassles of the modern world!

  2. Off to an adventure on the open sea!
    Ahh….there’s a few dozens forms we need before you leave..

  3. Think of it as an employment program for government workers! 😀 Besides, it’s just the entrance exam for your new life! 🙂

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