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A bit later today, Rebecca and I will be welcoming our next set of guests on board Frost. We’ve spent the last couple of days cleaning and prepping the boat for their arrival, and provisioning for a week of sailing and adventure. While many cruisers haul their boats and leave this area for the summer months, barring any tropical storms, which fortunately are extremely rare, it’s actually quite a nice time to visit. The winds are normally a lot more settled than they are during the winter months, and many of the bays are less crowded, absent of charter boats. People may imagine that it’s unbearably hot, but the truth is, when on the water, it’s always quite comfortable. We’re very much looking forward to making new friends, and creating a bunch of life-long memories!

We won’t be going hungry.

Let’s hope the entire summer looks like this!


  1. wind. Tue28 night-Wed29 squalls increase S of St. Lucia along with a significant uptick in wind. Thu30-Fri1 could be last option to move N or S as we see a brief relaxation however.
    Trinidad-St. Lucia Isolated squalls +5k thru Tue28; Scattered squalls to 25-30k Tue28 night-Wed29; Isolated squalls +5k Thu30-Fri1; Scattered to numerous squalls to 35-40k Fri1 night.
    Not sure what weather you’re looking at but our forecasts call for squalls.
    SE Caribbean S of St Lucia: 4’/8secENE-E Today; 4′<6'/7-8secENE Tue28-Wed29; 5'<4'/8secENE Thu30-Fri1.

    You mention in previous blogs you only travel in 10-15 Kn winds 3' waves. Today's looks great but but by tomorrow the waves are higher than the seconds.
    The summer months are great for less crowds but sea state quite often are higher than in Spring or fall which have much less frequency of squalls or thunderstorms.

    This will be a good week to practice sailing in conditions for Panagonia.

    • “You mention in previous blogs you only travel in 10-15 Kn winds 3′ waves.”

      Really? Do you have a link for that? I wish that were true! 🙂

      That looks like a Chris Parker forecast. If so, I don’t have access to his info. Typically I rely upon windguru or passage weather for local wind reports. Squalls don’t concern me as much as sustained wind and waves. As of this moment, next week does look ugly (Sat. – Wed.). That may change though. Wednesday of this week isn’t great either. Fortunately, with the exception of sailing between Grenada and Carriacou, most of what we’ll be doing during the next week will be reasonably close to shore, so if we don’t like what we find out there, we’ll just go find a nice spot to hang out.

  2. It is a Chis Parker report.
    What I was referring to was an answer to someone when you were waiting for weather to leave Martinique.
    Secured in an anchorage would be a good thing.

    • I definitely do like for the forecast to say 10-15, because then I know it’ll be around 20. 🙂

      Waves are always a PITA between the islands. Fortunately, Frost handles them better than the cats.

      As is typical of many boaters, with guests on board who come to sail, and are only around for a week, we sometimes move even when the weather isn’t ideal.

  3. Absolutely true about manageable temperatures in the summer. The Virgin Islands are far more comfortable in the summer than our Charlotte, NC heat. All down the chain diving is perfect, temps good, and a decent breeze.

    Here? 90, no breeze, humidly high, and storms approaching.

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