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There are times, like the past few days, when we are spending quality time with friends, sailing or just enjoying life, that posting on the blog seems to take a back burner. I’m sure you can understand, and leaving my post about Pizza Pi front and center for a few extra days is not really a bad thing.


We had a great sail up island with Allen and Rachel, stopping off at Sandy Island (see pics), Petite Martinique, Ronde Island, and the always popular Grenada Snorkel Park. Aside from a bit of a squall as we left Grenada, we had pretty much ideal weather for our travels. On their last night with us, we were also blessed with one of the most fantastic sunsets that I can recall. Each of us very clearly saw a green flash as the sun dipped below the horizon, something that Rebecca and I have long been skeptics about. Following that event, the four of us sat mesmerized, watching the sky shift from pink to purple to fireball red. It was spectacular!


As they say though, all good things must come to an end, and I guess that includes Caribbean vacations too. We were scheduled to drop Allen and Rachel off yesterday morning so that they could begin their journey home. After their departure, we had plans to turn right around and head back up island for the annual Carriacou Hash. To make that transition happen efficiently, we arranged to do a touch-and-go on the dock so that our friends could jump off, and our buddy Ken could join us. I’m happy to say that that all worked out perfectly!


Unfortunately, our trip back to Carriacou wasn’t quite as pleasant as the sailing that we had earlier in the week. I guess Allen and Rachel were good luck! Rebecca, Ken and I weathered a pretty significant squall close to Kick Em Jenny. With gusts just over 37 knots, I was very happy to have preemptively reefed our main and genoa! Once the squall abated, it left us with a huge header, requiring us to motor sail the remainder of the way to Hillsborough (we wanted to arrive before dark). Oh well, we ultimately got there, safe and sound, and with a whole 5 minutes to spare before the hasher’s pub crawl was scheduled to begin. That’s what’s important, right?

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