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We really miss having a dog. We know that Tyson, the big German Shepherd that we gave up, is very happy with his new family. And especially due to his large size, he would not have been happy on ZTC. But perhaps another dog would be happy here!


  1. We SO miss our dog (who died 2 years ago). He was a German Shepherd/ Chow mix and the best salty dog ever! While he did love the Bahamas and cruising for the most part… looking back we realize we were INSANE to have brought him and we’d never do it again.
    🙂 Just love on all of the other crazy cruising dogs out there.

  2. Perhaps you’ve already made the acquaintance of Brian & Alicia on Sarabande either in “real life” or through their website….
    They not only have a dog, but they also just had their first child and are living aboard. They admit that they are truly deranged. 😉
    Anyway…here’s a link to some info about training your dog to go potty on board…an important trick to be sure for a salty dog. lol

  3. I’d go for the dog that the head bobbles around, like the ones they use to put on the dash board of a car.

    Happy Valentines Day to you and Rebecca!

  4. If you decide to get another dog, go to a shelter. There are lots of good dogs in need of good homes, floating or otherwise. I’d be lonesome without my dog.

  5. I am happy to read on Rebecca’s FB page that she is well on her way back to you. And in time for Valentines! I am sure she is going to be as happy to see you as you are to see her.

    As for the puppy thing – not being a big pet person myself – I’d go for a cute stuffed dog and enjoy other peoples dogs instead.

    And… thank you for following me again! Much appreciated!

  6. The boat moored behind us at Vero Beach had a very big German Shepard aboard but they were on a pretty good sized monohull. We’re lucky that our pit bull Wilbur stopped growing at 50 pounds and he’s a wonderful boat dog. But having a dog aboard really changes things. There are so many places you can’t take your dog while you’re ashore and we don’t like leaving him alone for very long. It limits your cruising destinations as well due to their dog laws!

  7. Love the picture – I laughed so hard, my laptop almost fell on the floor!

    We currently have two dogs – a Black Lab and a Jack Russell Terrier.
    Not sure if they are going to make the transition with us, or not.

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