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Remember our recent post about bigger cats? How about a post or 2 about smaller ones? To get us started, here’s a post about a really small one! Ben and Moon on Dick Brano are covering miles in a way that I bet most of our readers wouldn’t even consider, including us. The fact is though, they are doing it, not just dreaming about it, so more power to them!

Thanks to our friends and boat neighbors Holli and John on s/v Shiloh who originally posted about these guys on their blog!


  1. I will never complain about our 20 footer again. (Not that I have complained in the past).

    I loved 14 foot hobies growing up, but NEVER considered them for anythng but bay/coastal sailing. Guess I was wrong.

  2. Thanks for sharing….Grabbing a coffee and reading now…

  3. Very cool stuff Mike.. Looks like a nice and fun couple.

  4. Wow, what an inspiration! You’re right, we wouldn’t consider doing what they are but we sure do admire them!

  5. And I thought I had to get rid of a lot to fit everything I own aboard my boat! Good to know if the money runs out, I can always downgrade and keep going.

  6. Wow. I think they took the Pardeys recommendation to keep it small and simple a little too literally. Good for them though!

  7. I guess it works for some people… I like my creature comforts way too much to try that.

  8. That level of adventurous adaptability really made me smile – such creative scavengers of boatyard dumpster diving. They wisely wait for only the best weather window and the route seems fairly easy for such a craft. Maybe the ratio of adventurous attitude, basic problem solving and blissful ignorance changes with conditions – but it seems to be required for all boats regardless of size?

    Definitely in the spirit of Poppa Neutrino who crossed the Atlantic in a scrap raft:

  9. I admire their spirit but question their judgement. I have very little experience on the water but have almost 3 decades as a professional pilot both with the military and the airlines. This link reminds me of a famous quote, “Aviation in itself is not inherently dangerous. But to an even greater degree than the sea, it is terribly unforgiving of any carelessness, incapacity or neglect.”

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