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We were invited to dinner last evening by one of our new friends, Tom, and after feeding us silly, he bombarded us with tips on anchorages for our trip south. It appears as if Tom has sailed around much of the world and he had tons of cool photos to prove it. When were were unsure of the places that he was recommending for us, he broke out his laptop and planned some “dummy” routes on his charting program. Very, very helpful!

What if you haven’t come across someone like that (yet)? A super play-by-play of anchorages can be found in the Skipper Bob guides. We have only just cracked the surface of this book but the publication we have, which lists anchorages from the Troy Lock down to Key West, FL, is a gold mine of info.

Of course, the responsibility ultimately lies with us to make our own judgements about a location once we get there, regardless of whether the initial intel came from a trusted friend or a book. Things change from year to year or even month to month. What was good last season might not be good today. We’ll be heading south towards Catskill Creek in an hour or so and have 3 prospective stopping places marked on our photocopied chart. I’m confident at least one of them will pan out.

I envision Skipper Bob looks like this!

Rebecca with our new friend Tom. 🙂


  1. That’s totally how I imagine Skipper Bob looking too! Love it!

  2. Is the mast up?

  3. Well, maybe a little less stiff.

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