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Several weeks ago we wrote about our Plan B which included delaying our departure to next summer to allow us to purchase a boat here locally. After weighing the pros and cons this strategy seems to have more and more merit.


  • we can acquire a boat locally and learn her systems without pressure
  • we will have more time to learn how to sail
  • we will have more time to outfit the boat as we see fit
  • we will have more time to acquire money
  • we will have more time to learn the thousand other things that would be helpful for our new life!
  • will be able to sail her South ourselves (we hear it’s a nice trip)


  • we need to be patient

We have once again been in contact with the owner of Katana, the PDQ 32 that we went to see in Toronto and have found that she is still for sale. We believe this type and size of boat would be very applicable for our plans and given that she is located close by and is already flagged as a Canadian vessel it would make the transaction of purchasing her that much easier.

A few things to consider…

Where would we dock/store her in Kingston?

What add ons would be necessary (or rather desireable because none of these things would really be considered necessary) for cruising/liveaboard:

Here is our short list:

  • Upgraded ground tackle (anchors, etc.)
  • Electric Windlass
  • SSB/Ham radio
  • Watermaker
  • Radar

Again, having the boat here locally would afford us the opportunity to have all of these things done, and the delayed departure would mean that we wouldn’t need to have it all completed right away.

I will hold off on amending our countdown timer (look in the right sidebar on this page) until things are more solidified but instead of being disappointed with the potential delay we are actually fairly excited by the possibilities. Everything happens for a reason! 🙂


  1. Sounds like a solid Plan B. Time to make it your own, and experience some trail and error. Depending on how much of a sailing season is left before your purchase, sailing the great lakes can be a great sea trial.

  2. C’Mon, the boat is named ‘KATANA’? Is there really any doubt? LOL

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