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Perhaps our next boat will be… a bike!

And because I sometimes get lazy…


  1. Hey you two, Phyllis and bought bionx ebikes late last summer. They are awesome. Ours are five stages of pedal assist or throttle for bike to drive itself.
    If a hill or head wind, doesn’t matter. Pedal along with the assist, get exercise but not a struggle.
    Or my personal fav, turn to come home and wind has changed to on the nose!!
    Now no big deal

    We are loving them!!


  2. Jedidiah has this kind of adventure in his blood.

    One of the books that lit the fire of adventure for me was “A Walk Across America.” It was, predictably, the story of a young man who dropped everything and set out to find the “real” America (or at least the part of it we call the United States). I love that book for its wide-eyed, honest and unassuming vibe and I’ve shared it with many who express even the slightest inkling of wanting to break out of the typical workaday lifestyle.

    It was written by a man named Peter Jenkins. He is Jedidiah’s father.

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