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As it stands today, I’d estimate that my collection of cycling-related internet bookmarks either equals, or surpasses the ones that I have saved on nautically-inspired topics. I have read, and saved for future reference, countless articles on gear selection, equipment reviews, routes, and travelogues. There is one link in particular though that I saved because it so perfectly relates to both cycling and cruising. Follow the link below and read the post before carrying on:

The Great Fear

We are still months away from cycling and yet people are already sharing what they know about The Great Fear. Surely we’ll be mauled by bears, moose, and mountain lions, and if we somehow manage to escape their clutches, we’ll undoubtedly be robbed, if not kidnapped and held for ransom. I wonder if Russ, the author of that excellent article, is aware of how The Great Fear manifests itself on the water?


Every cruiser knows that pirates are lurking just over the horizon to sweep in to rape and pillage, and every weather anomaly is going to turn into a Cat 5 hurricane. And if those two biggies don’t get you, there are all manner of other dangers that well-meaning folk will be happy to remind you of.

Why focus on the bad instead of the good?

What is it that makes people want to focus on this stuff? Yes, bad things do occasionally happen, but prudent thought and action can normally prevent the vast majority of it. Is it easier for people to use these fears as legitimate reasons for not even trying, for remaining inside their cocoon, their comfort zone? I honestly don’t know. It is so far outside of my way of thinking that I can’t comprehend it.

For our friends and family who are genuinely concerned, thank you for caring. Rest assured though, since we haven’t yet died on the water, my guess is that we’ll make out fine doing this too. And yes, we’ll be sure to carry Bear Spray!