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  1. All that and you only get a watch?
    Congratulations! That’s a nice acomplishment!

  2. Congratulations and well done, CAPTAIN! I still need a TWIC card and drug screen before I get my OUPV ticket. I’ll do the upgrade to 50 ton Master over the winter. Again, nice work! -Ed

  3. Congrats!
    Did Rebecca get you the Rolex for top honors in the class?

  4. Great Job Mike!!!!!! When do you get the watch?


    Now you can get back to fending off Rebecca’s army of admirers.

    (Sorry to say, I stared and stared at that picture of an incredibly expensive watch, before it dawned on me the point of the pic. Oh dear, slow and sad, , , :-))


  6. Congratulations! Is this a pic of what they give you as a graduation present? Shall we now call you Captain Mike?

  7. Excellent!!!! Nice to know if I ever come to visit I’ll be in good hands! Congrats. Mark

  8. Félicitations capitaine!

  9. ..of course you did! Good job!

  10. THANK YOU everyone! I really do appreciate the support and encouragement.

    As for the watch, no, that did not come with the license. You could buy a boat strong enough and outfitted to sail around the world for the price of that watch!

  11. great job mike!!!!
    still following you guys.
    now take a picture in that captain hat.

  12. Congrats, Cap’n! It was a wonderful journey following along here on the blog – thank you for sharing it all!

    What’s the next adventure?!

  13. Just in time for the weekend! Congratulations!

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