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There are very few things we miss from our land-based life but one thing we do occasionally wish we still had access to is our hot tub. Some might argue that we’re surrounded by a hot tub but sadly, it’s not quite the same.

Check this out though… TugTub, a floating hot tub! If we had one of those bigger cats we were talking about, perhaps we’d have room for one.

Party Central!


  1. I think if you swamped your dingy you could have a similar effect. 🙂

  2. Dang, I thought those were your new friends! Party on!

  3. Looks like it could do double duty as a life raft. Who wouldn’t want to be adrift at sea in a floating hot tub filled with booze, babes and buddies? 😉

  4. Looks awesome, but a little pricey at $12,000.

  5. Have you ever seen a NASCAR hot tub? That’s a tarp in a pick up truck bed filled with water in the infield of Talladega!

  6. Looks , like people taking it easy, on a life raft!,

  7. For $60 and a pump this might do the same thing, just without the cleats?
    It does look like fun.

  8. you know if you get a bigger cat for all those fun things like the babe filled soup bowl above, won’t that mean you’ll have less money for travelling, hashing and all those other fun things? They ( thats THEY) do say that the bigger the boat the less you use it. We went from a well used 28ft to a less used 46ft. maybe a 35 ft would’ve been just as good but used more often.

  9. As I’m looking at some bigger Cat’s, I am seeing some with the hot tub on board which I must say are quite nice – the blue thing looks like the “front porch program” 🙂
    I always enjoy reading up on your journey, as I was having a busy day I said to myself, can’t wait to go back to my office and read up on 02crusing.

    Thanks for making my day.

  10. Hot tub? I wish we had a plain ol’ tub tub. Just big enough for 1 person and 2 rubber duckies, thankyou.

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