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I’ve noticed that some people here in Sint Maarten have a very unique way of parking their tender.

We saw both of the two vertically-parked dinghies after a particularly large rain storm. I assume that they filled with water and with insufficient buoyancy, the weight of the outboards caused them to sink. The dinghy in the third image looks like it’s having some issues of its own and may soon join them!


  1. Wow! I would pull the motor off that one. I am sure it could be saved. Looks abandoned to me..

  2. LOL. That first picture was hilarious. Thanks for that!

  3. You misunderstand, this is the latest simple anti theft idea. Dunk it, keep it, then row it. 🙂

    On a separate point. Is that meant to be the “dinghy dock”? If so how on earth would you get from the dinghy up onto the top of it? Even worse if you are carrying things, got children or say a dog! Even when I was young I would never have attempted something like that!


  4. Way too many guys are letting the women drive the dinghys

  5. They do that in Northern Ontario, too, on occasion. It takes surprisingly little rain to sink a 12-foot aluminum skiff to the point where water starts coming in over the motor mount. All the rainwater drains aft and collects in the bilge by the transom, which often has to drop only about eight inches before waves start coming in. Never seen it with inflatables, though….

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