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The battle continues! In this case the battle is to "de-clutter," ridding ourselves of unnecessary things and accumulating some cash in the process. The amazing thing is that we have sold, or have up for sale, a LOT of items. There is not a single thing in this list though that requires us to "do without." We will miss none of it! I guess this is a good thing that we can enjoy a minimalist lifestyle as our new (not…

Yes, we have heard the expression that "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence." In this case we have to believe that it's true though!  This is a photo taken just outside our house a few days ago. This is where we hope to be approx. 1 year from now. I am betting their grass isn't covered in snow!

The countdown towards our sailing course is shortening, and how do we spend our days? Well, this evening, Sunday, we decided to play sailing trivia, quizzing each other on all of the various things we have read about in our books. We had set it up so that we had to take a drink with each wrong answer. The sad part is that we have studied so much that we hardly got to drink at all! 11 days and counting!!!

One week from today Rebecca and I will be deeply immersed in our study of sailing! We actually leave for St. Petersburg, FL on Christmas Day (yes, a wonderful way to spend a holiday) but our Fast Track to Cruising course begins on Boxing Day. We can't wait!

As Christmas day for us will be spent navigating busy airports on our way South we were happy to be able to assemble our family together this past weekend. Although they know about our trip to learn to sail they know nothing of our long-term plans. Rebecca "almost" told them but once again we felt that we would have a bit more credibility if we first complete our course. The irony of this is that only minutes after arriving Rebecca's…

After 12 hours of traveling we are now comfortably situated in our B&B in St. Petersburg, FL, awaiting tomorrow's lessons. This is a very different way for us to be spending Christmas day, but no doubt only the first of many of these non-traditional holidays.