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I just completed reading the book An Embarrassment of Mangoes: A Caribbean Interlude for the second time (Rebecca also read it twice). This is the story of a Toronto couple who took a two-year journey through the Caribbean. It's a very easy read; a pleasant break from Diesel Engine Repair books! We give it 5 stars!

a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances Are we stressed? Um, yeah. Is it likely to get worse before it gets better? Almost certainly! Will it be worth it in the long run? Guaranteed! Sunset in a quiet anchorage after a beautiful day of sailing... yeah, it will be worth it:)

So, in researching the aforementioned compromises that we will be forced to make, we have both been spending WAY too much time on the web "boat shopping." Here are a couple of our favorite "time-wasting" sites: --->

In our "internet" search for our future home and transport we have read this over and over: All boats are compromises! Quality, speed, draft, beam, capacity, engines and of course money! How could we forget money? It seems obvious to me that with an unlimited supply of money we would be making far fewer compromises! Oh well... there is that lottery this coming Saturday. We are longing to let the world know our plans and the time is nearing when…

Another favorite question! Um, sorry, but no. Retiring by my definition implies that we would have enough money to live on without working. Quite the contrary I am afraid. Today I invested some time in working on one of our plans for cruising income. It's still in its formative stages and thus is a bit hush, hush. I think there is a good chance it will pan out. If not, we are young and creative and thus have lots of…