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To us, selling off everything and running away to live on a sailboat, when you don't yet know how to sail, sounds a bit crazy. Apparently it's not quite crazy enough. I stumbled across a Blog written by two Canadians from Vancouver who not only did (are doing) just that, these two are sailing around the world! I have been captivated by their Blog which is detailing their trip and am truly inspired. Check it out:

Yesterday was "one of those days." We all have them of course, but this one really got me thinking. Could we make this happen on a much faster timeline than we initially thought? How about instead of leaving in 3 years we made the break in 1 year? Now THAT is exciting!

It seems to me that acquiring the money for our dream will be an even greater challenge than learning the skills to accomplish it (how to sail for starters). As we see it we will require money for 2 areas: Money to buy our sailboat (our new home) Money to live Being total newbies to sailing we really have no idea how "big" a 35' boat is (in actual living space, etc.) We are really looking forward to our trip…

The mysteries of the web continue to perplex me. I spent the last 24 hours troubleshooting this Blog and our other websites. It is quite frustrating when you get different results from different computers. It all seems well enough now (even though I am not completely certain why). Although I am certain life on a sailboat will be filled with challenges too, hopefully they will be much more tangible and easier to see!