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Most people, in North America at least, probably take for granted that a kitchen would have an oven. We had an oven, back in our house. It was a nice, shiny, stainless steel one that we bought new just months before we put the house up for sale. Did we use it? Of course we did, for very practical things too, like heating frozen meals (that is, when the microwave wouldn’t do the job properly).

Our shiny stove, from the “before” time. I had to dig deep in the archives to find a photo of that oven!

Katana, our boat, does NOT have an oven. Nor does it have a microwave. When we first read the specs and contemplated buying Katana, the fact that there was no oven in the galley was a bit troubling for us. Not because we routinely baked cakes and bread, or roasted turkeys. More so because we were both brought up to expect that a kitchen should have one (and in later years a microwave too).

So, after living aboard for the last few months, do we miss having an oven? Rebecca and I discussed it again last night, and the answer is definitely not. It really doesn’t cramp our cooking style at all. We tend to make a lot of stir-fries on the cooktop, or in warmer weather use the barbecue. Maybe when we head someplace warmer we will invest in a solar oven and test that out for baking. In the meantime, we are perfectly content with our minimalist galley.

A few posts ago I mentioned Rebecca was playing around a bit with macrame. Here is her first project, built on a wire-frame basket that she purchased for $1.00!

Another galley project that works well for us is a hanging shoe rack which we had cut down and use for storing produce. More handy storage is always welcome!


  1. Nice work on the basket and I like the use of the shoe bag. Have you ever seen bananas peel themselves?

  2. The above picture is an amazing optical illusion.

    Guys…If you stare at the pretty girl for a really really long time…eventually you’ll see an oven and for those who are truly gifted, a coffee maker too.

    It’s amazing, I don’t know how it works..but it does.

  3. I like your storage creativity! I have missed the oven, but I bake my own bread. Luckily, a home made solar oven works well enough for me. Company, maybe they will have to get used to lopsided bread!

  4. Mike,

    In the picture of the hanging basket, on the right side, under the wine glasses there is a wood board with a latch. What would that be?

    Hey, do you plan on continuing your posting after you put Katana on the hard?


  5. Mike,

    Think about getting a pressure cooker. We also have an electric bread machine on board that has been great for making all kinds of bread (of course, we also have an oven). I have been thinking about a solar oven as well, but just haven’t had time to fully research it.

    Fair Winds,

  6. Here is a great secret. You can cook nearly ANYTHING in a rice cooker. I have used ours to make among other things, green bean casserole, hot dogs, soups, veggies to steam, spam even, – anything. Its great and tiny and cost 19.99!

    • Hi Christine

      I was just on your blog this morning. Nice that you have your boat back in the water!

      We actually used to have a rice cooker, back in our house. We did use it for rice but not for any of the things you are suggesting. Are you thinking of an electric one?

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