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Although our week and a half trip through the British Virgin Islands with Michael, Julie and Zagan wasn’t technically a charter, as evidenced by the fact that we’re out of uniform in all of the photos below, and actually playing as opposed to working, we did get to visit many of the same hot spots that our charter guests enjoy visiting. The photos in this post barely scratch the surface of the fun that we had!

Sampling our Garrison Brothers bourbon, a gift that we received from last season’s Christmas charter guests. It’s no wonder that this has won awards!

Zagan takes the prize for being the first person to fall off the Super Tube.

Pizza Pi, in Christmas Cove, USVI. Awesome! Tell them we say Hi when you visit.

If she really wanted to choke me, she’d do a much better job than this!

Tubing behind Prickly Pear Island, near Saba Rock and Eustatia.

We had some great snorkeling trips.

Cow Wreck Beach, Anegada.

No snow shoveling required.

Perhaps we should take our show on the road?

Mocko Jumbie party, Fridays at Leverick Bay Marina.

White Bay, JVD, One Love’s home port.

A new addition to the boat. I bet it gets a lot of use!

I wish I had gills.

Last night on the boat, this time around.