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Our sailboat is now a power boat. That’s pretty accurate I guess, given that Katana no longer has a mast, or any other method of hoisting a sail. Yesterday’s “unstepping” of the mast went without a hitch, due in no small part to the excellent staff at Collin’s Bay marina. It was a hugely long day though, with boat chores only comprising a small chunk of it.

In addition to removing the mast we prepared for Friday’s haul-out by having our holding tank pumped out (yuck!) and filling the fuel tank with gas. This last step was almost a no-go, with all fuel being sold, except for a small “secret” stash. Good thing we are on the marina owner’s good side. 🙂


  1. Just over 6 months ago we wrote about stepping and unstepping a mast…

    I have to say that thankfully it was not all that big a deal as we initially feared it would be.

  2. Interesting! What do you do with the mast when you go through the inland waterway to New York next year? I assume you have to take down the bimini and rig some blocks for holding the mast on board?

  3. Most people who transit the Erie Canal ( New York Barge Canal) or Tenn-Tom systems unstep the mast and lash it on the pulpits or cabin roof/bimini. I don’t know where it gets restepped for those doing the Great Loop, but those using the canals to the east coast restep in New York. PITA, but necessary!

  4. Nice to know that a cat can go through a canal!

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