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For those who didn’t catch my announcement on our new One Love Facebook page, I have brought the new website for our charter boat online. It is still not 100% completed as many of the images used in the construction of the site are simply placeholders. Yes, sadly, there will not be so many bikini pics in the finished product! 🙂

Please visit the site and with the above in mind, pass along your impressions. Also, feel free to spread the word and forward/post the link to your friends and online contacts. The more people who find out about it, the better!

And for those who are curious (worried?), no, this new site will not replace the ZTC website! Zero To Cruising isn’t going anywhere.


  1. Crap. We have to call you Captain Mike now???? 😉

  2. Looking good.

    Will this end up replacing the Z to C blog or will you maintain both?

  3. Captain Mike, well done and wishing y’all the best. No doubt a charter on One Love will be considered 2nd to none.

    Nice site to commence this adventure.
    For your info, one thing I noticed on the “Yacht > Your Crew” page was a repeat of words in the 2nd para, 2nd sentence as bracketed below:

    From hiking and beach parties to music and photography, and of course sailing, Mike knows how to seize the day. Rebecca Sweeney is not only an accomplished sailor with [[more than more than]] 10,000 nautical miles and 1000 days of full-time cruising under her belt, she is a lifelong athlete and has a passion for fitness.

  4. Great quality job as always Cap! Wouldn’t expect anything less from you and the Admiral. Your cruises will be second to none and within a couple years you’ll be booked solid with a waiting list. Michael made a very wise choice and investment with you two! Can’t wait to read about your first charter!

  5. the “One Love” website is looking good. I notice however in the testimonials there is reference to “your blog” without giving reference to ZTC. Was this deliberate?

    • No, it was not deliberate, and I will deal with that. Thanks. I requested testimonials to use as placeholders and they will eventually be replaced with testimonials from clients.

  6. Mike & Rebecca, The site looks great. Here’s some feedback.
    1. The photos at the top of the page are cycling too fast. Slow them down a bit for a more relaxed feel.
    2. Show maps and possible anchorages of the areas that you will cruise. I think it helps people related to where they would go and get a feel for that area of the world.

  7. Congratulations on your trailblazing progress on all of tis. We’d expect nothing less from the two of you, and we’re so excited for you both in this next adventure. The web site looks great, and we’ve added your facebook, twitter and google+ feeds to our subscriptions. Two questions: Will there be a One Love youtube channel? Will charter guests have an opportunity for a workout/fitness style vacation if they want to mix the leisure-time with some one-on-one training?

  8. I’m worried the ZTC blog will suffer with your new endeavor. I’m hoping the charter guest will not oppose the use of pictures and other material usually posted. Your graphical material is some of the best, and I would hate to see that diminish with the new charter work. Please keep the camera in hand whenever you can. 🙂

  9. Nice. I found my self hooked on the FAQ page, so that is probably a hint that it is very well done.

    Now for constructive suggestions:
    * While I’m interested in the sailing specs, I’ll bet many of the passengers are not so much.
    * Few or no interior photos. Gotta make the cabins look plush and the salon look like a cool and relaxing place to dine.
    * Few cockpit pictures. Same comment.
    * Few pictures of toys in action.

    I know you are still working on it and that pictures will come quickly once business starts, but I think my point is that we sailors tend to look at what makes the boat function, while your guests will want to see what makes it comfortable and a little like home (WIFI hot spot is smart), since many/most will not be hard-core sailors. I know it is that way with most of my guests.

    If you don’t have any business right off, you could do worse than grab some friends for 2 days and make a photo expedition of it; stage a “fake” cruise focused on getting the shots. Friends that know how to smile a lot!

    I also think tabs for key fun activities (snorkel tab, kayak tab, beach party tab, hike tab…), perhaps without giving away the exact spot, while help a person understand what they are buying. A few sample itineraries, with the clear statement that extensive customization is normal, might also help.

  10. Captain Mike, The new site looks great! I will always think of your better half as Captain. I am sure she has earned it. Good luck guys with your new adventure.
    I know it will be a big success. JC

  11. Two blogs to quench your narcism. How sad the internet has become 🙁

  12. Well’ if you need a 2nd or deck hand you can call! good luck and the Seas will be with you!

  13. I have no doubt that you’ll get the site tweaked to perfection in time. The only thing I’d suggest is that the name of the boat should stand out. Italics, bold, or maybe a different type. Subtle, but different. That’ll be $.02 please.

    • Where? In the basic text?

      • I think, yes! Just like you always use capitals for ZTC. I tend to always do quotations or upper case, something like “Caprifol” …or…CAPRIFOL. But I think more subtle for your site. A simple italics every time the words One Love are printed. Or, One Love in bold. Something to always catch the eye …..(i)One Love(i). I don’t think I made that work in italics and I won’t know until I hit the submit button.
        Personally to me…..bold, italics and lower case.
        That’s $.04 please! 🙂

  14. Mike,

    Congratulations and best of luck with this endeavor. Maybe we’ll see you if we decide to come south from “Chicken Harbor” this winter.

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