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Our boat is so fast we decided to try wakeboarding behind it on my snowboard. 😉

Now, if you believe that, we need to talk about this bridge I have for sale in Brooklyn

The truth? The snowboard was just one item in a whole load of stuff that we handed off to Rebecca’s parents when they visited us in Picton yesterday. It was fun trying to transport the board, and everything else, in our dinghy. It was nice to have Rebecca’s mom and dad visit though as that may very well be the last time that they see us before we head south. {sniff, sniff}


  1. You could have used it for waterskiing……Rebecca belongs on a Lats and Atts cover

  2. You need to get that board back! Modify it with some West System and set it up for KITE-boarding!

  3. Nah, you’re still getting rid of stuff. Don’t get the board back. You can geta cheap boogieboard when you get to Florida and use it for both!

  4. I did tow a wake board with my Stiletto. Pretty wild. Probably dumb too.

    With the PDQ that would take some serious breeze.

  5. Went under that bridge yesterday. Pretty cool! Spent the night in Atlantic Highlands NJ. Cruised past Lady Liberty but did not anchor. Saw 1 sailboat anchored just behind her, though. Right now 3 miles east of Tom’s River, NJ headed south.
    Glad to hear you’re working on your mooring skills. Those balls seem to be replicating exponentially. FW.

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