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Previously I had joked that we had the world’s most regularly updated blog that no one reads. Since announcing our plans to our friends, and this Blog’s URL, we have seen a fair increase in traffic! 🙂 This makes updating it a bit more rewarding knowing that someone other than Rebecca and I will be reading it.

Beside me right now Rebecca is scanning the used catamaran web listings on her laptop. For those of our friends who were unsure about this, we do not yet have a boat. That will be one of the final pieces of the puzzle, or at least the pre-cruising puzzle. We are not too concerned about it right now.

Yesterday we found a buyer for our kayaks. That was the biggest of the remaining items that we needed to sell before moving out of our house. Although it was on a much smaller scale selling those kayaks makes me understand a bit about the thought processes of some people selling sailboats. Our boats were not cheap, and we weren’t willing to just give them away. We were prepared to sit on them, storing them if need be, until we found a buyer who was looking for quality boats and was willing to pay a fair price. I am sure that is how many boat owners feel and why some boats we see listed are on the market for a LONG time!

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  1. Hey Mike, can’t believe you had a WordPress blog for this long and I had no idea. Looks great, best of luck on your quest!

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