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There is a very short list of things I dislike about living on a boat. One of the items on that list though is the mess that must be created every time a project needs to be worked on.

To give the non-boaters an idea of what I am talking about, imagine living in a room. A small room. Imagine that all of your “stuff” is in this room, and stored efficiently in compartments, layered one on top of the other. Now imagine what that room would end up looking like when you need to acquire 2 or 3 key items from the bottom of this layered structure.

So, you’ve gone and destroyed your serene living quarters by removing countless items from their compartments and now you need to start working on your project. So you drill, and cut, and run wires, leaving remnants of this construction (carnage?) in your wake, all on top of those displaced items. This is what I dislike. This is what our boat looks like now in the midst of our radio install.

A benefit to having such a small living environment though is that it doesn’t take too long to get it all ship-shape again. And thankfully, that will happen soon, which is why I don’t stress too much about this.


  1. Yes, at least it doesn’t take long to put back together. I can not wait to stop having to clean our house and everything in it! =) Your boat looks so white and clean .. nice!

  2. I would still assume you guys are pretty organized and methodical in your storage of items…..Your boat/home always looks neat and clean…….I must know in picture 4 the story behind the sign and picture……..Instead of living room, you should have said walk in closet…..Actually, you guys have nice square footage

  3. Sounds like john is a little jealous of the sailboat thing! Before long you’ll have him converted.

    Know what you mean about projects on a boat!

    Have a great weekend!! When are you leaving D.C.?

    • We “hope” that we can leave on Sunday. We got most of the radio instal done today. Woo hoo!

      We’re just waiting on the insulator for the antenna and a rigger needs to install that. Perhaps that will get done tomorrow..

  4. The sign is cute, i saw one once and am looking for it for CloseKnit that reads “Clothing optional beyond this point”I’m just returning from Kingston on Monday and can’t wait to join Al in NC its friggin cold here. Now I remember why i wantedto escape Canada. Less clothing 🙂

  5. I think this is the main reason my boat is just a mess? As soon as I pack these tools away, I’ll just need them again! This is why the next boat needs to be a Lagoon (owners model of course) just for the little work room. BTW – great sign!

  6. Even in the middle of the project, it looks better than my teenage daughter’s room!

  7. The wonder of cats… lots of space, as long as you resist the temptation to fill it with stuff. If you do, things turn Very Bad. Kudos to you guys for keeping things relatively clean and organized!

    As awkward as it is to install electronics now (compared to at the factory), there is one advantage worth noting: if you could get in there to mount it, you can get in there to fix it. When a builder wires up the boat before joining hull and deck, you often get a lot of “how the !@#$ do you get to the back of this thing?” a few years later.

    It is now well past time for me to do a similar cleaning spree on the house (grr) and the computer drives (double grr)…..

  8. Where’s all the empty beer cans and wine bottles?

  9. Actually, I thought you sold them as souveniers!

  10. You call that a mess?!

    I laugh at your mess!!

    Fair Winds,

  11. Sounds like living in Japan. I can easily empathize with your living in a small room analogy. Salma and I managed a 10×10 area for almost 2 years. Coming back to Canada was strange.. After all that time, we almost felt it was harder to keep a larger space clean as we got so used to playing the 3D Tetris game. In a bigger room, there was just too many gaps or odd spots to fill.

    Things didn’t have a proper place (like when we moved to a whole house instead of a 10×10 room). Somehow in a bigger space it felt harder to clean and even worse to keep organized. Ha ha ha… A total opposite from when we first moved at the beginning of it all.

    “This place is so tiny! How do you not have stuff on top of stuff on top of stuff?!”

    Ha ha ha. Enjoy it. Life’s in the little thing. 🙂

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