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Yesterday I wrote my ColRegs (Collision Regulations) exam and was happy to score a perfect 100%. I followed that up with my chartwork/plotting test. This was much tougher so I was extremely pleased to come away with a score of 93% on that. All that’s left for today is a meteorology test. Thanks to everyone who is sending me good vibes… it is obviously working! 🙂

Good thing I didn’t have this “vessel” on the ColRegs exam. What kind of lights would they have to show at night? Seriously though, this is how the kids at Hog Island amuse themselves. Awesome!

Speaking of Hog Island, assuming that I finish this course up today, we’ll be heading right back to Hog tomorrow. As pretty as Prickly Bay can be, it is notoriously rolly. We’re looking forward to getting our nice, calm anchor spot off Roger’s Beach back again.

Prickly Bay sunset, as seen from the Tiki Bar at Prickly Bay Marina.


  1. andy & sonja cru-zinacatamaran - Reply

    So when do we call you “CAPTIN ” ?? well done & that week went fast

  2. Would definitely rathe be doing that with the kids than playing video games!!! I wanta try!

  3. Great scores – congrats!! More good vibes coming your way for today’s test.

  4. Congratulations, Mike! Sending good thoughts your way for the rest of the course! Now, when do you take the next level of yachtmasters?

  5. Mike, congrats on your exams, I hope your meteorology exam went well today. We’re purchasing our final gadgets for departure, and the Canon D10 is high on our list (purchased through your amazon link of course. 🙂 ) Were both these shots taken with your D10? If so that’s great performance over a wide range of light! How often do you use your other camera?

  6. Are there any biting bugs that are a problem. Really enjoy reading your site keep it up.

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