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If we were at sea and missed a Blog post or two, some regular readers (Rebecca’s mother?) might assume that we were in trouble. As we are not at sea, missing a post is likely caused by one of several situations:

  • I had nothing to write about
  • I was crazy busy
  • I had no internet access

Yesterday’s lapse in posting was due to a combination of all three.

For the next 2 weeks Rebecca and I will be on vacation. We’re doing so without ever having to leave our city, and spend any money. How? House sitting. When you’re used to living in a small apartment and you get the opportunity to house sit for a family with a massive house that has both a hot tub and a sauna, it’s pretty much like being on vacation!

It was a little funny to see just how loaded down our truck was when we set off to this new place yesterday. Being Christmas time we had to transport all of our gifts (for each other and family members who we will see over the holidays), clothes for two weeks, books, laptops and of course… Rebecca’s dance pole. I wonder what the house owners will think when they find out we had a dance pole installed in their place less than 2 hours after we arrived!


  1. Sounds as though you are going to have a lot of fun! Just don’t mention the dance pole! Enjoy, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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