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I’m not sure what inspired me to do so this morning but as I looked at our calendar, and at the boats at anchor outside my port hole, I wondered where we were on this date, and what I had posted about, during the past several years. Fortunately, this blog has an archive feature (pull down menu near the bottom of the right hand side bar) which allows me to go back to past posts so it didn’t take me too long to figure it out.

2013: We were hashing with friends in St. Kitts.

2012: We were in Martinique but I wrote about backing up our blog.

2011: We were still in the Dominican Republic. This surprised me. Specifically we took a trip to the city of Santiago with some friends.

2010: We were back in Kingston getting ready to launch ZTC after her winter on the hard. Note that she was still named Katana at that time.

2009: We didn’t even have a boat yet. We were still selling all of our stuff and dreaming of tropical vistas!

What are we planning on doing today, April 7, 2014? To tell the truth, we don’t really have much of a plan. As yesterday was filled primarily with boat chores, we may just move One Love to a nice quiet bay where we can do some swimming and paddle boarding. We’ll see.


  1. Your journeys are what inspired my husband and I to go from” that would be nice to we can do this”.
    Stuff and house sold….check
    Throw the lines and sail south….well we are in Florida in the gulf but still working towards that freedom mark. We are sailing and learning all at the same time, enjoying a wonderful life aboard.
    Thank you Mike and Rebecca for the reality that with dedication and work Zero to Cruising really is possible!

    • That’s a very nice message to wake up to. Thanks for posting, Wendy. Keep in touch.

    • WOW!!! Wendy – you guys are rock stars. You should be so proud of yourselves and the accomplishments you make everyday that allows you to follow your dreams. Do not stop!!! I admire you guys – hopefully with a little planning i can do the same one day.

  2. Wow! Didn’t realize just how long I’ve been reading your blog. Guess that shows how good you are at this! Keep up the good work. I really appreciate how much you put into this especially now that you’re “working”.

  3. I finally did it! I finished reading your entire “back-story”, all the way thru to where you guys are today. Wow, what a story! Your blog has it all: adventure, fun, great photography, drama, advice for yachtsmen, inspiration .. oh and of course the bikini shots don’t hurt, either!

    Me, I’ve done a couple of bareboat charters, one in the BVIs, another in the Florida Keys, both on catamarans. (Been to Grenada, too; sailed a little Hobie cat in Prickly Bay.) I also have a monster-sized sailing bookshelf (I recognized a few of your volumes).

    Your description of fun times in the Virgins brings back oh-so-many fond memories. I don’t mind confessing that your lifestyle makes me green with envy. I’ll gladly swap jobs – you can have this boring big-city desk job of mine and I’ll clean the holding tanks!

    Interesting that you and the Windtravelers are best buds. I’ve been following Brittany’s blog for some time, but I found yours via a random Google search. Evidently, the Caribbean cruising community is pretty tight-knit!

    Some day, Mike, I’m gonna buy a boat and join ya’ll down there. Can’t wait to invite you and Rebecca over for a beer!

    • Hi David

      Congratulations! I know how much time it takes to go through this entire blog. It takes commitment. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep your interest so that you’ll keep coming back. At least until you get your own boat, that is!

      And yes, Brittany and Scott are cool. If only they had a catamaran, they’d be perfect. 😉

  4. Really? It can’t have been THAT long since the last “ZTC, this is Sunset Chaser….” eh, they must be out running last-month-before-leaving errands yet again….
    Neat to see how it’s worked out for you over the last few years 🙂

  5. Wow!! When it’s laid out like that, one realizes how FAR and how MUCH you have come and done in such a short time!!

    And one realizes how very pale Rebecca used to be! hahaha!!

    You guys are my heros.

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