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Over the years, when people have commented on our blog stating that they are “x” number of years into their 5 yr. plan to head out cruising, I frequently replied that they should enjoy the process of preparing for the trip, because we certainly did. Just like the build-up to Christmas is often more exciting than Christmas Day itself, the research and planning that goes into a major cruising expedition can, and should be a very positive experience. This is partly why Rebecca and I are so excited right now as it feels as if we’re starting over, and we get to do this all over again. Our first trip south was a huge step for us and at the time, way out of our comfort zone. Our next journeys look to be even more outside our now greatly-expanded comfort zone, and that’s a good thing.

Our friend Matt Thornton recently posted on Facebook:

“Proactively do things that scare you. Things that push you, by definition, move you forward.”

Well, sailing to Patagonia scares us, and as I said, that’s a good thing.

So where do we start? If you’ve ever taken a look at our Research Page, you’d note that we did a fair amount of reading to prepare ourselves for cruising. When the Patagonia idea was in its infancy, one of my internet searches took me to Noonsite where I stumbled across a couple of articles written by Miles Thompson. As it turns out, Miles is a friend that we met in Grenada but until then, I had forgotten that he’d mentioned that he cruised that area. I immediately looked him up on Facebook and contacted him, and Miles was kind enough to reply with some very detailed messages, including some book recommendations, one of which he wrote! I wisely ordered each of the volumes that he recommended, including his. Just before we were forced to box up all of our stuff, I had just passed the point in his book, a beautiful coffee-table quality volume I might add, where he and his crew had just rounded Cape Horn. Now that is a huge accomplishment for any sailor!


  1. ” frequently replied that they should enjoy the process of preparing for the trip” thank you for making us current land lubbers fill better about the situation;)!

  2. great, inspirational read.

  3. Very nice article. I like your comment about going “outside your comfort zone”.
    Whenever people ask me why I like to sail I always say because it sometimes scares me. And the more I’m scared the more I feel alive. Sitting on a sofa and watch TV makes me feel dead. -;)
    Good luck with your new plans. I’m sure everything will work out ok. Cheers

  4. So timely! My husband and I were just talking about enjoying the moment last night! We have a 5 year plan and sometimes we think we’re just on autopilot waiting until the big adventure. It’s great to be reminded to enjoy the process! Thanks!

  5. Good luck to you guys, but I know it will happen because of all the research and prep work you both do, not luck! If you are looking for a blue water boat Oceana is still available…. just saying. Miss you guys.

    • Thank you, Kathy, we miss you too! Oceana is beautiful and I’m sure she’d be great. I know she was/is well loved and cared for.

  6. We really enjoy the prepping and dreaming, but I’m actually a little worried that once we get out there, I might be bored.

    • Well, it’s true that some people do find that cruising is not what they expected. When we get bored with a certain place, we just move.

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